20 apríla, 2014

Easter nail inspiration

 When you are spending Easter holiday alone in a dormitory, this is what happens:

This is what I used: 

Wish you all Happy Easter (and lot of food)

Love, Em

08 apríla, 2014

Warsaw, beautiful Warsaw

I decided to write this post in english. Just because! I think, that more people can relate. (If you find any mistakes or grammaticaly incorrect words, please just ignore it.) And also I just wanted to share some pictures (that means It´s not gonna be a lot of writing). As you might know or you also might not know, I´m in Poland right now - "studying". And as a good Erasmus student I want to travel all over this beautiful country to see as much as I possibly can. This weekend I´ve been in Warsaw.
 Three days in this lovely city with my lovely girlfriends. 

First of all - as tragical as I can get, I forgot my jacket at home (dorm). For no apparent reason I left my dormitory just in my hoody thinking it´s gonna be enough. Well, when we got out of the bus, I realized I was wrong. It was kind of freezing there, but it didn´t stop us from having a great time. We saw lot of cool places and met some really strange people with some extraordinary talents. E. g. - one guy was dancing in a ridiculous flower costume for 2 PLN and later that day we saw him almost naked standing on his head in another corner of the main square. Honestly, you can make money here just standing and pretending that you´re someone important.

Besides the city itself, I think the most interesting part was our stay in a hostel. We´ve been in a room for 15 people. There were 6 of us and 9 strangers. All girls except for this one old guy, who was having a time of his life sleeping in one room with 14 young ladies. I felt kind of sorry for him, because it seemed he has been working all night and then he just wanted to rest during the day. Let me tell you, it is quite impossible in room with 15 people in it. Imagine this place as the most alternative house you can possible imagine. Lots of strange things can happen here. 

E. g. - You wake up in the morning, meet a young Japanese (or Chinese - not to be rude, but I can´t really tell the difference) boy in the mutual bathroom. You say for yourself: Ok, I can do my make-up while he´s here washing his face. Few minutes later, you see that he also begins to do his make-up. Now you start to feel just a little bit uncomfortable. This is not even the weird part. But when you realize he has much better make-up than you do, it´s time to leave the bathroom.
Then you come into the kitchen. There are aproximately 10 people trying to eat something. Of course, it needs to be something vegetarian or even vegan. You grab a piece of bread and try to find a place to sit. You´re having a nice breakfast, when all of a sudden an older guy come in and start to tell you a story, how he has been teleported from Singapore to London and he doesn´t know where he is right now. Yes, this all can happend to you. It felt interesting to live here for a couple of days and see all this different people being in Warsaw from different reasons.

We spent majority of our time exploring the city, food and culture.
It was exhausting trying to see everything in three days, but we enjoyed our trip to the max.

Pierogy (Dumplings - not as good as Slovakian ones, but still delicious)

Street performances are here on a daily bases

 Street art

Main square

Beautiful spring (although it was really windy and cold)

Which places have you visited lately? 

PS: You know what they say: It´s not about destination, It´s about the journey. Well, sometimes It´s all about the destination ;)

Love, Em