23 apríla, 2015

Things you should know when you want to be an editor!

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I´ve just finished my Diploma thesis and now, when all the time of the world is mine (not really), I can tell you about it! I study Editorial work and publishing. It basically means that I stare at text, which other people write and I make it readable and grammatically correct. After five years of studying it and few years of practicing it, these are the things I wish I knew before.
Probably many students in general can relate to this as well!

1. Editors never sleep. Ever. Sleep is overrated.
2 Taking a nap with open eyes in public transportation is now a good compensation for not sleeping at night/at all.

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3. Placebo effect is your friend now. You don´t sleep, so you think that energy drinks, coffee and magnesium tablets are your fuel. On the other hand, you know it´s not true. You just see them as "magic pills" that make you go for hours.

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4. You think that greasy hair, no make-up and big under eyes circles are new look everybody should adapt.
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5. Your computer is part of your body. When something bad happens to him (yes, not IT, but HIM), you cry for a little while. When you fix that problem, you start to treat him as a person!

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6. You start to speak in code. You have your own language in which words such as widow or river mean something completely different. You know what it is and you know how to fix it.
7. You are Microsoft Office Word master!

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8. You just know that saving your document is the most important part of the process.

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9. Your eyes see everything. Two space-bars in-between words instead of one? See without even checking it! Then everybody else sees your eyes and They are like: What the hell happened to your face!

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10. You are so happy (not even secretly) when you find a beautiful font that you have to tell everybody.

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11. You make friends in library. No comment.

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12. Your favorite place on the internet is online dictionary webpage.

13. When you cannot find your glasses anywhere, the world stops till you find them again!

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14. Back pain, neck pain, eye pressure, headache! Get used to it.

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On the brighter side, everybody reaches out to you when they need "linguistic" help. They see you as an open dictionary. They trust you! You´re a pro!
And I have to say, in spite of all these things, I love this work. 

Stay focused!
Love, Em