22 októbra, 2016

Oh lovely Budapest

English version

Two weeks ago I got a chance to visit Budapest. Again. 
I guess it became kind of a tradition to reunite here with my friends from the time I was working at Summer camp in the US.

This year I couldn't go (back to US), because I'm not a student anymore. Instead of that I needed to find a job and not enjoy my summer the way I really wanted - back at camp.
Fortunately, I could go to Camp Reunion party - Prom night edition - that took place in beautiful Budapest.

I was so excited to see my friends again.
And it was all and even more that I wanted.
We partied hard, we sang, danced, drank, slept, chilled and enjoyed ourselves. Sadly, we don't have almost any pictures from the party and we looked so fancy (at least at the beginning)!

Because of the fact we got to see lot of the city last year, this year was not about sightseeing anymore. We went out and saw some of the parts of the city we didn't have a chance to see before, but other than that, we just spent all of our time hanging out together in our friends' apartment, which I'm still surprised no one called police there.
We were loud and obnoxious. At one point there were maybe even 20 people just dancing and singing and having fun.

Budapest got me good for the second time. I just hope this will be our tradition for next couple of years. Cuz this might be the only time I get to be with my friends in one place at one time.
Can't wait for the next year.