06 mája, 2014

Party gif compilation

We all know it. Once you start scrolling throuhg gifs, you got caught in and one hour later you decide that you want to see more. (What am i doing with my life? Good question, don´t have the answer.) While I was scrolling through them, I came across some funny ones and I decided to make this stupid compilation. 
Anyway, we all love parties (actually, I don´t like them that much) and we all know how it goes from start till the next morning. Can you relate?

Who´s ready to party?

It always starts so innocent:

Then it ends like this:

When it comes to dancing!
What guys think they look like while dancing:

What they really look like:

What girls think they look like while dancing:

What they really look like:

After a while you realize it is 5 in the morning:

Then you need to wait for the first morning bus or taxi and your body can not handle it anymore:

You finally got home.
And someone is trying to wake you up in the morning:

What to say here... We all know this "morningafter" party urge:

Get ready for school day buddies ;)

Love, Em

PS: Friendly advice: party hard, but never forget to put bottle of water next to your bed before the party ;)

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  1. Ahoj, máš moc hezký blog! Právě u mě probíhá giveaway, budu ráda, když se také zapojíš:)