24 júna, 2014

Dear Poland...

Dear Poland,

        it´s me, Em. I just want to thank you for everything. It took me just couple of days to fell in love with you. You are probably the longest relationship I´m ever gonna have with someone. You are for sure the nicest one. Since I first got off the train untill my final goodbye, you were my dearest friend, supportive, helpful, always nice to me, never judgemental.
        It was such a pleasure to get to know you a little bit better. Thank you for all the beautiful places I had chance to visit, for all people I had chance to meet, for all the strong friendships I´ve made. All this just because of you. You made me a better person. I just want to let you know, that you changed me in so many ways, you can not even imagine. I appreciate it and I´m grateful for it. Wish I didn´t have to write this letter, but I feel like It´s about time to say goodbye. Not for a long time, though. I will always visit you. I´m looking forward to see more of you, to meet new people and to see again the ones I´ve already met here and to finaly learn the magical language of yours.
        Am I making a big deal out of this? Maybe. But I can´t leave without saying goodbye to you. I don´t want to break up with you, I don´t even want to say any last words to you, so I´m just going to say: See ya. As I used to say every day to my erasmus friends. Because I was sure I´m gonna see them again the next day. I might not see you the next day in this case, but I´m sure as hell that I´m gonna see you in the future. So please, don´t forget me. I will miss you, but I will never forget you. Remember me as the Slovakian girl with big green eyes and hair always up in a messy bun, the burping one, the one that walks really fast. The one that was making jokes about your language, but wanted to learn it anyway - and kind of failed in this ;) I will remember you as a feeling. As a crazy place I got pretty drunk couple of times, as a place I´ve learned so much and laughed so hard I started to make weird noises.
I will remember you as something I can´t describe, but I can feel it.

     Because Poland is not just another country I visited. Poland is people. People I´ve learned to love. Poland is every single one of YOU - Erasmus 2014/University of Silesia

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                                                                                                                              Love always, Em