16 marca, 2015

How you really feel while writing your final thesis!

English version

Wow, It has been a while! I´m in that stage of life, when I need to write my final thesis and try to graduate from University. You´ve been there, you are there, you´re gonna be there one day, or if you´re lucky enough, you might never do that (just kidding, go and study!). 
Since me and almost everybody around me are trying to do this thing called graduation, I find everything else besides writing and studying oddly much more interesting.
Here I am to cheer you up a bit. I´m sure you can relate too, whether it´s final thesis you need to write or just another paper work for history class.
Enjoy ;)

It all starts with an empty word document and you writing down your name. When you accomplished that, you are satisfied enough to save it and name the document. Well done. You´ve done a great job so far!

Now for the "easy part". You need to find your inner motivation. An idea that can move your paper work to whole another level. Once you got it, quickly, I sad really quickly, write it down!!! You might lose it as quickly as you got it!

Maybe you need to visit library. When you got the right book, you realize you need to read it. At first it doesn´t make any sense to you.

Then you just suck up all the knowledge (or just find it on the internet) and you´re ready to do this thing!

Now, you just write whatever comes to your mind. Hold on to that one thought and just try to describe it as many different ways as possible!

You stop sleeping, you don´t need to sleep!

There are gonna be moments, you´re gonna feel desperately.

However, your friends are gonna be there for you.

When your tutor asks you about the source of information you used in your paper, you have probably no idea:

Or you are trying to make it look like it was your idea:

Did you actually write it before deadline? Your tutor is like:

At the end, you´re almost sad It´s over.

Just kidding again. You probably look like this:

I would like to tell you it´s gonna be easy, but it´s just not! So man up and kick some asses!

And remember, after it is over, you are going to feel the biggest satisfaction of your life:

Good Luck ;)

Love, Em

PS: What is the worst part of writing what you don´t really want to write? :)

08 marca, 2015

Happy International Women´s Day!

It is here again! The day, when flowers and chocolate are the most selling items. The day, when you are treated right for once in a while. Because we are worth it. 
So enjoy it ;)

Embrace your inner weirdness.

Feel beautiful, cause you are!

You don´t need to wear all that make-up ;)

Because remember - Who run the world?

And of course, enjoy all that chocolate!

Happy International Women´s Day to all of you!

Love, Em