01 januára, 2015


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I can´t believe it has already been another year. I remember writing 2013 rewind.

This year has been by far, hands down, the best I ever had. How do I know this year was the best one I had? It´s simple. Never before had I been so happy. I had a chance to meet an amazing, special and beautiful people. I had a chance to spend couple of months in Poland, to travel, to study, to live like I´ve always wanted. I made friendships for life and I will never forget what a wonderful and life changing experience it was. So many great things happened to me,  friendships that will last despite distance and language differences.

I have to admit, I didn´t have such a great summer, but then again, at the beginning of school year things got back to normal, much more opportunities came my way and I´m grateful for everything and everyone!

I can not wait what is waiting for me this year. But I know for sure, It´s gonna be epic!

I just want to wish you all the best. To all of you. Let this year be the one you will remember forever. Be the best version of yourself. Find what you want to be and be that.
Enough of  this motivational speech :D

Keep it simple

Love, Em

PS: What is the best thing that happened to you in 2014? :)

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