06 januára, 2016

Vegan sushi - First attempt

English version

I wanted to try to make my own sushi for the longest time. When I finally decided I´m gonna do it I went to our local supermarket and, of course, they didn´t have everything I needed.

But I wanted to just try If I´m able to do it, so I bought sushi sea weed, sushi rice, soy sauce and vegan ingredients to put inside.

Sushi rice 

Soy sauce

Veggies: You can put inside anything you like. I used onion, cucumber, avocado and carrots + seasoning.

 And sushi sea weed 

So I didn´t have wasabi and pickled ginger (which I love a lot). And I didn´t have the bamboo thing you are supposed to roll the sushi in.
Despite these facts I think I did a decent job. It was not perfect (way too much rice), but it tasted good, which is the most important part.  

Bon appetit!

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